Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coyote Urine

Title got your attention? Could be added to my list of underground rock bands. Or be the name of a micro-brewed beer (well, why not? Wyoming had one called Moose Drool). But it’s just another of those quirky little things I notice while traveling, those strange signs and sayings on the side of the road, billboards or T-shirts. Below is a sampling:

• Poison Creek “Hey! Let’s fill up our water bottles here!”

Badwater Creek “Refill, anyone?”

• Horse Thief CampgroundDon't forget to tie 'em up with a double knot.

• Blue Earth (Minnesota town)—“Where you from?” “Blue Earth.” “Well, nice meeting you…” (exit stage left)

Report All PoachersHmm. Don’t see many of these in downtown San Francisco.

Bridge May Be Icy 95 degrees out. 90% humidity. I don’t think so.

Your Mother Was Pro-Life (South Dakota billboard)— Well, it depends on which day you talk to her.

World’s Greatest Dad (T-shirts seen on three different men on Father’s Day)—Two of you are lying.

I’d Rather Be Tweeting (T-shirt on teenager at Mt. Rushmore) — And so she did.

And my favorite— product on the front seat of my mother-in-law’s car:

Real Coyote Urine Ground Cover Deception Scent GranulesI am not making this up. Costs $15 and is designed to sprinkle around the garden to keep deer away. It makes a point of insisting that it is real coyote urine, not freeze dried or artificially produced. So I’m trying to picture the process here. 
Two guys out in the sagebrush of the West:

“Excuse me, Coyotes. We have a little business going here and wonder if you wouldn’t mind peeing into these jars? We’ll put a snarly picture of you on the product if you like.”

If anyone knows the real story, let me know.

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