Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Spot Remover

Reaching for one of my favorite shirts, I noticed a dark stain on the pocket, certainly from a leaky pen. Of course, the shirt is an off-white/ light brown color. What to do? My wife recommended a cool spot remover. Just press down on the stain and some gel comes out, let it sit, rub it a little, and voila!, the stain is lifted out. 


Which made me think of all the seemingly indelible stains on the hand-me-down clothes we wear, the ones made by our ancestors that they neither could wash out nor care to even try. The spots and blots and blemishes of genocide and slavery and unchecked lust for gold and a patriarchy that lorded over, dominated, abused women and children. All those past tense verbs that continue in the present tense because not enough of us have done the laundry or attended to the soiled stains. 


The metaphor doesn’t quite hold up, because we could certainly make or choose to wear new clothes and that would be a simple solution. But the stains are not on cloth. They permeate the  the very fabric of our souls and psyches. What kind of spot removers do we need to attend to those?


In the attention-getting opening line, “There are two kinds of people in this world,” the answer is not “Those who are suffering and those who are not.” As Buddha suggested some 2500 years ago, we all of us are suffering just by virtue of having been born. The very act of birth is our first trauma, the shock of leaving the comfort of the womb for the bright lights and strange air and hunger in the belly. From there, take your pick. Even those spared the extremes of dysfunctional families, poverty, racism, misogyny, religious brainwashing, chronic physical pain or illness, drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness, anxiety, depression, war, natural catastrophes, will still suffer the slings and arrows of fortune, from betrayal to disappointment to the inevitable loss of everything and everyone we’ve grown to love. Suffering is humanity’s common denominator and it would serve us well to understand that better. 


So the two types of people? Those that acknowledge their pain and grief and suffering and work with it to get to the equal measure of joy, love and happiness available to us. To work with it all, accept it as our responsibility to feel it, understand it and transform it, to use the opportunity to grow larger souls. To become our own spot remover, learning how to lift out the stains both personally and collectively, to absorb the grief and sorrow.


The second type of person refuses the invitation to look at their own part in keeping the worst in us going and instead jumps on the fundamentalist bandwagon of blame, hatred, anger, letting someone else do the driving while they sit passively in the back seat in some lemming-like journey toward the cliff’s edge and over. Their spot remover burns through the whole cloth, removing both the stain and the soul. 


So that’s where the trip to the laundry room led me. And sorry to say, after soaking in the spot remover’s chemical for a night and me rubbing it, the stain on my shirt is still here. A little lighter, but very noticeable. So in both worlds, this is not a quick fix. Back to work.


Monday, October 30, 2023

Walt Whitman Updated

I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contain'd,

I stand and look at them long and long.


They do not sweat and whine about their condition,

They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins,

They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God,

Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things,

Not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago,

Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.


So they show their relations to me and I accept them.

And they, in turn, accept me.


Not one asks me to fill out pages of forms before they will allow me to be in their presence.

Not one requires me to get a background check, downloading the Candidate Background Check Form, the Media Screening Form, the Sterling Disclosure & Authorization Form, the Identity History Summary check, the Police Criminal Record Certificate.

Not one asks me to get fingerprinting and get it notarized and watch the one-hour Sexual Harassment video and confirm that I’ve read the 60 page (Animal of your Choice) Handbook.


Not one asks me for my personal pronouns or suggests that if I’m not a raccoon, it’s insulting to wear a mask and if I’m not a coyote, it’s inappropriate for me to howl. 

Not one calls me to task for insulting slugs when I use the term sluggish or forbids me from saying “Don’t be mulish!” or “Don’t rat me out!”

Not one asks to see my passport before entering their habitat or requires me to fill out the 18-page Visa Application. 


Not one organizes the killing of others in large numbers because of an idea. 

Not one kills innocent people for no reason whatsoever while fellow species members sit idly by and let them purchase assault rifles.

Not one lets their children sit alone in rooms with screens.


I think I could turn and live with animals.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Unsubscribe Orgy


Every once in a while, I’m inspired to unsubscribe from all the lists I never agreed to be on. I’m just so tired of opening e-mails telling me to lose my Belly Fat or decorate my front door, to save money on this, to earn money on that. I’m exhausted and dispirited by the whiney “We’re begging you!!” pleas and even when I agree with the issue 1000%, I refuse to sign the petition or donate money and add them to my “unsubscribe” list. And don’t get me started on the latest headlines of the clown show in Congress.


Amidst all the hoopla about how e-mail and social media and the Internet will connect us and make our lives easier, what it really does is make it easy for us to reveal who we are as a people, a country, a culture. And the news is not good. It’s all —predictably— lower chakra stuff—sex, money, power. Not much (except some list on I’m called Inspiring Quotes which I actually appreciate) of a look at our higher capabilities and possibilities. So it becomes a window to our soul and the view is pretty much a garbage dump. Who wants to see that day after day after day? All so we can look for the actual useful e-mail about arranging the workshop or once in a blue moon, a lovely little note from a friend. All of which gets more and more buried in the avalanche of junk, maybe three or four out of 40 different e-mails. 


And my theory about unsubscribing is that they get their revenge by selling your address to five more companies you never want to hear from. Like cutting off the heads of the mythical Hydra, who grows back two more for each one severed. Why even bother?


But I did, another 20 minutes lost of this precious life. And then taking the time here to tell about it. Sigh.


PS Please don’t unsubscribe from this Blog! I’m begging you! J


Saturday, October 28, 2023

To Be of Use

The wood floor is cold to the touch when I get barefoot out of bed and I can see my breath when I step out on the back deck. I grab a musty sweater from the tucked-away pile on the closet shelf. On the cusp of November, the season is changing. Pack away the shorts and short-sleeved shirts, the Teva sandals, get out the candles to light the 7pm dinner table. The year is drawing nearer to its close, as it has dependably done over thousands and thousands of human lifetimes.


Meanwhile, it has not been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon and happily so. My days are like a farmer’s, spread out with varied chores that call for attention. But instead of feeding the actual chickens, stacking the hay and milking the cow, I get to just sing about it. In schools with children on the rug before me. Yesterday at a school where one of the kids in our neighborhood sing goes, the day before at the school where a SF School colleague’s grandson and SF alum’s son (the same child) goes. The topic, of course, was Halloween songs, topped off by a Halloween story that had both classes so mesmerized that their teachers were astounded that they were capable of that quality of attention. But give kids (or adults) what their souls hunger for and all behavior management techniques become instantly unnecessary. 


Twice this past week, I went to two new wings of the Jewish Home and played piano and sang for the Russian residents there. From the awakening vitality of the Maple Leaf Rag to the swingin’ Tea for Two to the lilting Strauss waltzes and energizing Sousa marches, from the quiet tenderness of a slow movement in a Mozart concerto to the mesmerizing rhythms of La Paloma, every piece was punctuated by Spaciba!! at the end, alongside the sincere and exuberant testimony of one man who kept shouting out “You make us so happy!”


I’m a second-rate pianist with a tenth-rate singing voice, but somehow I can communicate the power and beauty of so many musical styles to kids, elders and everyone in-between. But it is those at the beginning of life, fresh, eager and curious, and those at the end, filled with life’s triumphs and travails, joys and sorrows, that most need and best understand the language of music and its ability to speak so far beyond words what we need to hear, know and remember. I could happily spend the rest of my life seeking out schools and old-age homes to sing and play with both groups. 


But meanwhile, I also rehearsed twice with the SF School 8th graders preparing to perform at the upcoming Orff Conference in Albuquerque, so happy with their superb musical expertise playing a challenging Venezuelan piece and a hot Oye Como Va. What a pleasure that was, especially since these were my 4th grade students from my last year of teaching, immortalized in various scenes in the movie The Secret Song.


 Speaking of which, I saw it at a local SF movie theater for the 8th time in the past year and though I have much of the narration memorized by now, I still like the feeling of the audience reaction to it. People really get immersed in the journey of the story and each time, applaud at the end as if we’ve just lived through something significant together. 


The day before, I was Zoom interviewed on something called Spotlight TV to talk about my new Jazz, Joy & Justice  book. (Links below, if anyone is interested.) Day before that, I was hired as a one-time rehearsal pianist for an upcoming musical. Who could have imagined how my piano lessons, school music and English classes, typing lessons, would bear so much fruit? Certainly not me!


So as the days grow shorter, my opportunities to be of use grow larger and this wandering minstrel is happy that this is so. Onward!


PS The following premiere on Oct. 31 at 8:00 pm EST

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The Spotlight Network



Friday, October 27, 2023

The Value of Words

Another piece from the archives of The Unpublished Poet, written in 2010.




My I-Tunes folder has stored 29 Gigabytes of information.

My I-Photo has filled 22. 

The entire 300 page book I just wrote fills a mere 3.6 Megabytes. 


Words are cheap. 


According to my computer, the ancient intuition—“One picture is worth a thousand words” — was off the mark.


It takes about 10,000 words to equal one photo, somewhere around 936 Kilobytes.


A three-minute song carries more of a message than a ten-page essay.


If education means getting and storing the most information,

according to my computer,  Art and Music 

should be at the center of the curriculum.


PS The soundtrack to this poem and the DVD will soon be available.

PSS This poem contains a mere 24 Kilobytes of information.


Thursday, October 26, 2023

Coming Out of the Closet

Last night, I saw the film about my last year at school for the ninth time in a movie theater in San Francisco. Always bittersweet to relive that experience, especially with the unwelcome twist in the plot of the pandemic. But still sufficient sweetness to merit another viewing, especially in company with some people who hadn’t seen the film yet and the pleasure of feeling the audience response. 


On my desktop is a file marked “Songs, Raps and Poems” and looking through it the other day to find that Immortality poem (see  October 23rd), I looked at some of the collection of all these unpublished poems that so few have ever read or heard and thought, “I like these.” On my 60th birthday, oh so long ago, I read selected poems at my party (with 60 people attending) and then played music with some Orff colleagues who, after that experience, became The Pentatonics Band that is still alive and —well, not exactly kicking, but we did recently perform at SF Jazz—thirteen years later. Before reading the poems, I prefaced it with, “Well, I’m not a poet, but I have written some poems I’d like to share.” Afterwards, someone came up to me and said, “You lied. You are a poet.” 


That party actually marked the beginning of me saying, “Okay, I guess I’m a musician,” a claim I still harbor doubts about. But all these years later, I still haven't claimed the poet title. Yet in that folder are over 300 poems, from haiku to song parodies to rhymed stories to free verse. Maybe it is time to come out of that closet and publish “The Collected Poems of an Unpublished Poet.”


Meanwhile, stumbled upon this one that I wrote as I neared my last day of school. I intended to read it at the retirement party I never had the year I retired and in the shortened version of the party (shared with two other retirees) two years later, there wasn’t time to read it.  But it would have been perfect for the occasion, the poetic equivalent of the bittersweet emotions of the film.  Both the title and the tone are inspired by a lovely Oscar Peterson tune (Nighttime on his album with Itzhak Perlman), which is the perfect backdrop for reading it.




It is the nighttime of my many many years in this place I have loved so long


The sun is setting


The moon is rising.


The day’s stories have all been told


And behold, they are good. 



The fire is lit with the warmth of memory. 


I see the long parade of beautiful children now grown


and leading the next ones forward, King Glory


going up the mountain. 


Where the first one, the second one, the third 


           followed me.


but will follow me no more. 



Now, someone else will be walking them through the promised land.


That glorious place where we traveled along, singing the songs side by side, 


Where we stumbled and fell, lost our way, huddled together in the cold, 


circled together in joy and danced our way to happiness.



Behind me now, the bread crumbs of those lived years are messages to the future, 


beckoning others to make the long climb to unending beauty, bubbling laughter, 


shouted exultation. 


Here, paused on the peak, the sky is orange with the day’s close.


The owl and the whippoorwill fill the air with song while the morning birds turn to sleep. 


Tomorrow a new day will dawn.



It is the nighttime of my many long years.


The sun is setting


The moon is rising.


The day’s stories have all been told


And behold, they are good. 


They are good.


Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Warm Turkey

When I was in 8th grade, I developed a passion for basketball so intense that I could feel a  itching sensation in my fingers, a physical craving to hold, bounce and shoot the ball that demanded to be satisfied. So much so that when it snowed one day, I went to the court with a shovel so I could still take some shots.


I think that was my first experience with minor addiction. I’ve been blessed to be spared the ravages of real addiction, the kind that drugs, alcohol, money, news, even coffee can be, getting its claws deep into the psyche and causing lifelong havoc.  But we all experience a variety of minor addictions —anybody have a phone?!—and it seems a good idea to be a bit more aware of how they work. 


So off to online definitions. Here’s Wikipedia:


Addiction is a neuropsychological disorder characterized by a persistent and intense urge to use a drug or engage in a behavior that produces natural reward, despite substantial harm and other negative consequences. It is considered a brain disorder, because it involves functional changes to brain circuits involved in reward, stress, and self-control.


Well, that’s interesting. The subject arose because I finished listening to my Audible book last week and don’t get my next credit to download a new one until tomorrow. So while I often walk through the park listening to the current novel, I had four days of “warm turkey”— walking without a device talking to me. No tremors or cold turkey violent physical reactions, but a period of adjustment as the brain/body remembered how to just walk alone with my own thoughts and be more present observing the sights and sounds and smells around me. But those functional changes of reward and self-control felt real, even at this low temperature.


Likewise, I’m back on my Doug diet, under direct orders from the bathroom scale, and am four weeks into not eating sugar, one-portion meals and less snacking and when I do, celery, carrots or apples. The instant little pleasures I used to get from my Trader Joes chocolate bars and the giving in to “I think I’ll just have a little bit more” were off the table. But I notice that after a few days or a week, I don’t need to deny my hunger in some martyr kind of self-discipline— I simply don’t have as much hunger and can still savor my meals.


Zen retreats, backpacking, blackouts when electricity fails, are all opportunities to settle back into the essentials of our own bodies, minds and hearts. All require a period of adjustment as we’re left alone with our thoughts with no button to click for instant distraction, all reveal the restless monkey mind that eventually quiets down and detaches from the arsenal of distraction and electronic addiction. Highly recommended.


But meanwhile, how to navigate this world we’re in, Siren calls from all directions beckoning us to our doom with their promises of instant gratifications and “more, more, more!” How to use a machine purposefully designed for addiction and resist the rabbit holes while still enjoying some of what it offers?


The above addiction definition makes an important distinction to have a craving for something  like practicing the piano or basketball or jogging or a vigorous walk in the park, all of which give back without damage to the body/mind/heart. In fact, the opposite. To qualify as addiction, the pleasure of the instant hit is offset by the actual damage to the body and mind—think heroin, opioids, alcohol, financial greed, lust for power. We can get a taste of it all with our little addictions and likewise, feel our own power to resist, to change the direction, to temper, to refuse. Put the phone away for a day. Keep the TV screen blank at night and read a book. Just say no to dessert for a month. You get the idea.


Good luck!

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

An Embarrassment of Riches


If you’re not a music teacher, feel free to skip this post entirely. Even if you are, it will be exhausting to read through the titles of all the pieces we recorded at The San Francisco School between 1983 and 2012. But in case you’ve ever doubted how hard music teachers can work, well, here’s some tangible evidence. Not a single piece is a score that we bought, but an arrangement that we ourselves created, often with the contributions of the children. That’s a large creative legacy. 


And to set the record straight, the recordings from 1983 through 1990 came from the time when I was the only music teacher. Between 1991 and 1996, James Harding contributed some of his work. In 1997, Mahala Bundy added some of her pieces. 1998-99, Sofia Lopez Ibor added some. From 2000 on, James, Sofia and I equally contributed to the repertoire.


Here’s the list. If you're in the mood for a game, see how many of these pieces you recognize. Or read it if you have trouble going to sleep and see if you can get to the bottom still awake! Enjoy!

·     9:20 Special

·     A Dongko Dongko 

·     A Farmer Went Trotting

·     A La Entrada/ Farandole 

·     A Thrill from the Blues 

·     A You’re Adorable

·     ABC

·     ABC (Jackson 5)

·     ABCD

·     Abogae

·     Acorn Dance

·     Adieumus

·     Adios Mis Ojitos

·     Adjee

·     Aeolian Dance

·     Aeolian Piece 1 

·     Aeolian Piece 2 

·     Agahu 

·     Agbekor 

·     Aide Jano 

·     Ala D’Alona

·     Alarripu

·     Ali Pasa

·     All Blues

·     All My Life

·     Alla Irish 

·     Alla Turca

·     Alligator

·     Alphabet. The

·     Also Sprach  Zarathustra

·      Amadinda

·      Ame Kon Kon

·      America

·      Amesie

·     An Dro

·     Andahuaylillas

·     Animal compositions

·     Animal medley

·     Animals

·     Anna 

·     Another Jig

·     Apple Tree

·     Apples, Peaches, Pears and Plums

·     Areia

·     Aria from Bastien and Bastienna

·     Armenian Lullaby

·     As I Was Going to St. Ives

·     Asturias 

·     Autumn Leaves

·     Autumn Time

·     Awo Ma

·     Ayazein

·     Ayele

·     Ayengena

·     Babethandnza

·     Babushenka

·     Baeat el Ward

·     Bag’s Groove

·     Bags 'n' Trane

·     Bahka

·     Bailare Tu Son

·     Bali Angklung 

·     Bali Bonang 

·     Bamboo Piece 

·     Banana Song, The 

·     Baris

·     Basin St. Blues

·     Basket Dance Song

·     Basque Lullaby

·     Bate Bate Chocolate

·     Beans and Cornbread 

·     Bees Make Honey

·     Bell Horses

·     Bella Bimba

·     Bella bimba

·     Bethena 

·     Betty Botter

·     Betty Botter

·     Between the Devil

·     Billy and Me 

·     Birds of a Feather

·     Birk’s Works

·     Blackbird /Bach

·     Blackbirds' Party

·     Blue Bells

·     Blue is the Sea

·     Blue Moon

·     Blue Rondo a la Turk

·     Blue Skies/ In Walked Bud

·     Blue Tuesday

·     Bluebells

·     Bluebird

·     Blues for DP

·     Blues for Juanita

·     Blues Legacy

·     Body Percussion

·     Body percussion I

·     Body percussion II 

·     Bolero

·     Bolivian Folk Song 

·     Bon Joseph  

·     Boom Chick a Boom

·     Boomakalele

·     Boots Shining Leath.

·     Borboletas

·     Bottom Line. The

·     Bourée  

·     Branle de Champagne

·     Branle de la Montarde

·     Bright Blues

·     Broccoli Walk, The

·     Bubble Bubble

·     Buckle My Shoe

·     Bumblebee

·     Butterfly

·     Butterfly poems

·     Bye-Ya

·     Cafe 

·     Caimarusa

·     Calango Tango

·     Calf Has Broken Loose, The 

·     Can Can

·     Canario

·     Canon

·     Canon (Gunild Keetman)

·     Canon for Xylophones 

·     Canon for Xylos

·     Canon No. 44

·     Canta Pajarito

·     Cante Corum

·     Canteloupe Island

·     Cantiga 100

·     Cantiga 159

·     Cantiga 179

·     Cantiga 353

·     Caravan

·     Carbonero 

·     Carmina Burana

·     Carnavalito

·     Carol of the Bells

·     Castaway

·     Caterpillar/Butterfly

·     Centerpiece 

·     Chameleon

·     Chanticleer

·     Charaza 

·     Charlie Wag

·     Chattanooga Choo 

·     Chattanooga Choo Choo

·     Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

·     Chicken on the Fencepost

·     Children of Pireaus

·     Chinese Lion Dance  

·     Chitlins con Carne

·     Chofercito de Mala Suerte 

·     Choucoune

·     Chu Ku Wu

·     Chyrsalis Diary

·     C-Jam Blues

·     Clap Your Hands

·     Clock

·     Cobbler, Cobbler 

·     Cock Robin 

·     Cold Duck Time

·     Come Butter Come

·     Comedian’s Galop

·     Coming Home Baby

·     Comparsa 

·     Con El Vito  

·     Continental, The

·     Cookie jar

·     Courting Song

·     Cow Song  

·     Cow, The

·     Criss Cross Applesauce

·     Criss-Cross Canon

·     Crooked Man

·     Cry of the Rainforest 

·     Cuckoo

·     Cuckoo Comes April

·     Cuckoo in the Clock

·     Cumbia 

·     Cunti Simus

·     Cure, The

·     Cure, The 

·     Curruloao

·     Czech Song

·     Dagomba Xylophone

·     Daisy Bell

·     Dance Me to End 

·     Dance of the Yi People

·     Danza de las Hachas

·     Danza del Fuego

·      Danza del Viento

·      Das Klinget so Herrlich

·     Davy Dumpling 

·     De Allacito

·     De Colores

·      De Lanterna Na Mao

·      Der Vogelfanger

·      Derkpee

·     Diddle Dumpling

·     Dido´s lament

·     Dikole

·     Diwali

·     Dizzy Atmosphere

·     Doctor Foster

·     Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

·     Don’t Let the wind

·     Donkey 

·     Donkey, Donkey 

·     Dought Re Mi

·     Down tine the Meado

·     Down Under

·     Down, Down, Baby

·     Dr. Seuss

·      Drum duets

·      Du du Kipo Kapo

·     E Macumbabebe 

·     Early Autumn

·     Earth Day Rap 

·     East is East

·     Easy Boogie 

·     Ecce Gratum

·     Echo Song

·     Ecossaise

·     Eighth Grade Blues

·     El Cuevanuco

·     El Cumbanchero

·     El Flor de Santa Cruz 

·     El Grillo

·     El Hombre Celoso

·     El Huateque

·     El Pajaro Chogul

·     El Rey Nimrod

·     El Tambor 

·     El Tortillero 

·     El Tren Chucu Chuc

·     El Trencito

·     El Trencito Corre

·     El Vendedor de Seda

·     Elemental Music

·     Elephant, The

·     Elf Play Medley

·     Emperor’s Groove

·     Engine Engine

·     Ennerokaya

·     Ennstaler Polka

·     Ententina

·     Ententino’

·     Enter the Gladiators

·     Equinox

·     Escondido 

·     Etude

·     Eucador

·     Everybody Loves Saturday Night 

·     Expand and Contract

·     F.D.F.L 

·     Fais Dodo

·     Fandango

·     Farandole

·     Farewell to Stromness

·     Farmer

·     Farmer Went Trotting

·     Fascinatin’ Rhythm

·     Fatou Yo

·     Fever

·     Fiddle de dee

·     Fiddle de Dee

·     Fietsie Foetsie

·     Finlandia

·     Firebird Finale

·     Fish is Fresh, The

·     Five Currant Buns

·     Five Dollar

·     Five Eggs

·     Five-Beat Jump 

·     Flamingo

·     Florcita de Alheli

·     Flower and Pig

·     Flower Ball Song/ShaoLao Shu

·     Fog

·     Fonwayinfuyo

·     Food song

·     Fragrant Herbs 

·     Freddie Freeloader

·     Frederick

·     Freedom is Coming Eeyi ya ye

·     Friday the 13th

·     From Wibbleton to Wobbleton

·     Fufu Song

·     Full Fathom Five

·     Funga Alafia 

·     Funky town

·     Gahu

·     Galliard d' Angleterre

·     Gamelan

·     Garden Song

·     Gathering Peascods

·     Giga 

·     Gingerbread

·     Gladys

·     Go Down Emmanuel

·     Goddesses

·     Golden Gate 75

·     Golden Goose, The

·     Good Morning Mrs. Hen 

·     Goose Game

·     Grandpa Grigg

·     Great Wall of China

·     Green Chimneys

·     Green Sally Up

·     Greensleeves

·     Greensleeves

·     Gregory Griggs 

·     Guabina

·     Habanera

·     Hambone

·     Hand Hand Fingers Thumb

·     Hannah Bantry

·     Happy-Go-Lucky Local

·     Hati-aya 

·     Have You Ever Been Mistreated

·     Heart and Soul 

·     Heather Breeze 

·     Helele

·     Here I Sit

·     Hey Bar Limbo

·     Hickery Dickery Dock

·     Hickety Pickety

·     Hills 

·     Hit the Road, Jack! 

·     Hodoraoaga

·     Hojaki

·     Hole in the Wall

·     Honeysuckle Rose/ I Hear Music

·     Hopi Corn Chants Canon in 3

·     Horo Harrabarra 

·     Hotorau Koi

·     House that Jack Built, The

·     How Insensitive

·     How Much Wood?

·     Huayno de Peru

·     Humming Song (Trallerliedchen)

·     Humoresque

·     Humpty Dumpty

·     Humpty Dumpty

·     Humpty Dumpty

·     Hungarian Song

·     Hypnotizing Music

·      I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But the Blues

·      I Am Inside

·      I Feel Pretty

·      I Got Rhythm

·      I Got Rhythm

·      I Got Rhythm Medley

·      I Left My Heart in San Francisco

·      I Like Coffee

·      I Lost My Shoe 

·      I Saw Esau

·     I’m a Little Cracker

·     I’m Beginning to See the Light

·     I’m So Glad I’m Here

·     Ickle Ockle

·     Improvisation

·     In a Mellow Tone

·     In the Hall of the Mountain King

·     In the Mood

·     In Village Square

·     Inocencia 

·     Intery Mintery

·     Ipharadisi

·     Irish Dance

·     Irish Polka

·     Irish Washerwoman

·     Isn’t It Funny

·     Iste Hendek 

·     It Don’t Mean a Thing

·     It Don’t Mean thing

·     Ja Da 

·     Jack Sprat

·     Japanese Lullaby

·     Jasmine Flower

·     Jeepers Creepers

·     Jegog

·     Jelly on a Plate

·     Jeremiah Blow the Fire

·     Jeremiah Obediah

·     Jersey Bounce

·     Jig Jog Jig

·     Jiggety Jig

·     Jitterbug Waltz

·     Jive at Five

·     Jo Jo

·     Jody Grind, The

·     Johnny Johnny

·     John's Waterproof Boots 

·     Jolly Red Nose

·     Jucku

·     Jump Shamador

·     Jumpin' at the Woodside

·     Jumpin with Symphony Sid

·     Jupiter

·     Just a Gigolo

·     Kabuye Kanjye

·     Kanbile

·     Kapotso

·     Karra Guruya

·     Keep Your Eyes 

·     Keys of Canterbury, The

·     Killer Joe

·     Klong Yao

·     Kokoleoko 

·     Kol Dodi 

·     Kontobile

·     Kookaburra

·     Kpanlogo 

·     Kreutztanz 

·     Krummavisur

·     Kuckuck

·     Kukkuu 

·      Kuus Kuus Kallike

·      Kyerem 

·      Kyra Vangelio

·     La Culebra

·     La Folia 

·     La Llorona

·     La Mariposa

·     La Marmotte

·     La Paloma 

·     La Piñata

·     La Rejouissance

·     La Rotta

·     La Tarara

·     La Tempesta di Mare

·     Laideronette

·     Lakota Song

·     Lament of Isis

·      Lankesin Mie Kanacan

·      Laulan ja Laulan

·     Lay lay

·     Le Petit Negre

·     Lean on Me

·     Lele

·     Lemondade Crunchy

·     Les Bouffons

·     Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

·     Libertango

·     Lillipop

·     Linda Oaxaca

·     Lion and the Unicorn

·     Lion and the Unicorn, The

·     Listen Here

·     Little Boy Blue

·     Little Monkeys

·     Little Mouse, The

·     Little Robin red breast

·     Liza Jane

·     Liza Jane

·     Lizela

·     London Bridge

·     Loose Tooth

·     Lord Mayo’s March

·     Los Pollitos

·     Lou Pripet

·     L-O-V-E

·     Love Somebody

·     Lover

·     Lover

·     Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds 

·     Lucy Locket

·     Luz y Sombra

·     Macaco

·     Madame Padeau 

·     Mae Preta

·     Mail Myself to You

·     Malagueña

·     Malambo

·     Mama Lama

·     Mambo Diablo

·     Man on the Moon

·     Mango Walk

·     Manha de Carnaval

·     Mano efe Dusime

·     Manteca

·     Maracatu 

·     March

·     March in D (Handel)

·     March Slav

·     Marco Poli

·     Maria Juana

·     Mariposa Siete Colores

·     Market Day by Bay

·     Mars God of War

·     Mary Ann 

·     Mary Anne

·     Mary at the Kitchen Door

·     Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

·     Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary 

·     Mastom Mastom

·     Mastom/DhamKhol

·     Matsuri Taiko

·     Mazurka in F Major

·     Medieval Medley

·     Memphis Underground

·     Mercy Mercy

·     Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 

·     Merry Hours 

·     Midnight Sun

·     Militza

·     Milky Way

·     Milonga

·     Miro Poem 1/2

·     Miserlou

·     Miserlou

·     Miss Polly

·     Misterioso

·     Moanin’

·     Moondance

·     Moonglow

·     Morning

·     Morning Song

·     Moses

·     Mountain Mist

·     Mrs. Hen

·     Murasameno

·     Musical Moment

·     Mussle Shell

·     Muzi Muzi

·     My Blue Heaven

·     My Little Suede Shoes 

·     Na Lugu

·     Nacidadau Purinini

·     Naka Naka Hoi

·     Nampayano

·     Nantele

·     Naranja Dulce

·     Native American Dances

·     New Kind of Love

·     New Year’s Processional

·     Nice Work If You Can Get It

·     Night 

·     Night Train

·     Night Train

·     Night Winds Blow

·     Nightingale, The

·     No Blues *

·     Nobilis Humilis

·     Non Pui Andrai

·     Nonesuch

·     Norsuobie

·     North Wind

·     Nostalgia in Times Square

·     Now We Are Six

·     Now’s the Time

·     Nutty

·     Nyandolo

·     Oast, Peas, Beans and Barley

·     Obla di Oblada

·     Ode to Fish 

·     Ode to Osiris

·     Oh Cousin Wait for Me

·     Oh Emma Oh

·     Oh How Light

·     Oh Shenadoah

·     Oh Susanna

·     Okina Taiko

·     Old Betty Larkin

·     Old Castle, The

·     Old King Cole

·     Old Man Mosie

·     Old Woman in the Shoe

·     Once I Caught a Fish Alive

·     One Note Samba 

·     One Potato

·     One Potato, Two Potato

·     One Step t. Freedom

·     One Two Three Medley

·     One Two Tie My Shoe

·     Opposites

·     Opus One

·     Orientis Partibus

·     Over the Rainbow

·     Over the Rainbow

·     Owl, The

·     Oye Como Va

·     Pachelbel Canon

·     Pages Train

·     Palladio 

·     Papageno 

·     Para Ti

·     Pashtu Song

·     Pasta Song

·     Pastre di Mountagno 

·     Pata Pata

·     Pavan

·     Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty

·     Pavo Pavito

·     Peace Like a River

·     Pease Porridge Hot 

·     Peite Peite

·     Pennsylvania 6-5000

·     Pent-Up House

·     People All Over the World

·     Perastus Perakambus 

·     Perdido

·     Perekai

·     Peter Piper 

·     Petit Pas de Quatre

·     Petrushka

·     Pfrancin’

·     Phrygian Fandango

·     Pie Suite, The

·     Piggy Piggy Pooh

·     Pink Panther

·     Playground Chants

·     Pobre Ningue

·     Poco Loco

·     Poems

·     Poinciana

·     Polka 

·     Pong Pang

·     Postman Postman

·     Propiñan El Melyor

·     Provatakia

·     Provencal Dance

·     Punchinellos

·     Pupu

·     Puss Came Dancing 

·     Pustono Ludo

·     Putineli Rando

·     Puttin’ on the Ritz

·     Q’aqcha 

·     Quajchas

·     Queen Caroline

·     Quiero Ser Sombra

·     Rain Medley

·     Rain Medley

·     Rain on the Green Grass 

·     Rain Rain Go Away

·     Rainy Day Blues

·     REM Blues

·     Ricik Ricik 

·     Rico Vacilon

·     Riddles

·     Rigadon Bressan

·     Riha

·     Rivers of Babylon, The

·     Robbin’s Nest

·     Rollin Down to Old Maui

·     Rolly Poly

·     Rondo in C

·     Rondo Scherzo 

·     Rose speech piece

·     Roses Are Red

·     Rules

·     Rumanian Song

·     Run and Welcome Me

·     Russian Song

·     Sa ig Spoa

·     Saints Go Marchin' In

·     Salley Gardens

·     Sally Go Round the Sun

·     Saltarello

·     Samba Batucada  

·     Samba do Brazil 

·     Samba Lele

·     Sapito 

·     Sapito que tunga

·     Sar Sar Sar Makara

·     Sarasponda

·     Satin Doll

·     Savoy Greeting

·     Science Fair Blues

·     Scottish Piece

·     Se Va La Lancha

·     Sea Jam Blues

·     Secret Song

·     Sednaloe Djore Dos

·     Seidamarei

·     Seven Steps

·     Shadow Play Music 

·     Shalom Chaverim

·     Shiny Stockings

·     Shipwrecked

·     Shoe a Little Horse

·     Shoo Fly

·     Shoran Bushi

·     Sidewinder

·     Sigi Sagan

·     Silence

·     Silver Moon-

·     Silver Moon Boat  

·     Simple Simon

·     Sin Do Le Le

·     Sine Musica

·     Sing Song Kitty

·     Sing, Sing, Sing

·     Six Little Dukcs

·     Siyahamba

·     Siyahamba

·     Skaleiung

·     Skarazula Marazula

·     SKJ

·     Skopska Crnorka 

·     Sky Boat Song

·     Sky Is Cryin’ Blues

·     Slavonic Dances

·     Slip Jig medley

·     Snap! Crackle! Pop! 

·     Snowman 

·     Snowy May

·     Somewhere Over the Rainbow

·     Son Macaron

·     Song for my Father

·     Song of Peace

·     Sonnymoon for Two

·     Soul Sauce

·     Sounds of Silence

·     Soup,Soup 

·     Step Back Baby

·     St. Ives

·     Stompin' at the Savoy

·     Tabuh Gari

·     Tarantella

·     Tequila

·     Tsifte Teli

·     Which Came First?

·     Walk Together Children

·     Walkin’

·     Waltz

·     Wana Wange

·     Watch What Happens 

·     Water is Wide/ Distant Shore

·     Watermelon Man

·     Way By and By

·     Way Down Yonder in Brickyard

·     We Love to Boogie 

·     We Nyeme

·     We Shall Overcome

·     We Wish You Love

·     Wed. Night Prayer

·     Wee Willie Winkie

·     Well You Needn’t/Syeeda’s Song  Flute 

·     What I’ll Do with the Baby o

·     What is the Milky Way? 

·     When Johnny Was 1

·     When Johnny Was one

·     When the Saints

·     When You Wish Upon a Star

·     Which Came First 

·     Who Fed the Chickens?

·     Who Stole the Cookies 

·     Who’s Got the Penny

·     Whoops Johnny

·     Wise Is the Wind

·     Witch Witch

·     Witches and Ghosts

·     Work Song

·     Worst yet to Come

·     Would He Like It

·     Xio Ming

·     Ya Bara

·     Yaayaakole

·     Yaqui Dance

·     Yaravi

·     Yemaya 

·     Yerakina

·     Yes Sir, No Sir

·     Yesterdays

·     Yule

·     Zapatito 

·     Zion Me Wanna Go