Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From Waah!! to Wow!!

“Whatever baby wants” is the directing force of our vacation time with grand-daughter Zadie. Her biorhythms trump all artificial clocks and any pre-conceived plans. As it should be. As it is with my Mom at the other end of the life journey. She absolutely loves it when I play piano for her, but when she’s hungry, ain’t no way I can even finish the musical phrase without incurring her wrath.

And when the body is at peace and not in the Waah! mode, the Spirit tends to be in the Wow! mode. With my Mom, the simple act of stepping into fresh air is enough to get her oohing and aahing with appreciation. And though Zadie’s verbal appreciation is limited, the look on her face appears to articulate wonder. I say appears because who knows what is really going on in the 4-week old mind. I know her eyesight is far from fully developed, but looking at her staring out at the sparkling lights of the Christmas tree, it certainly looked like a lot of Wow! going on.

In-between 4-weeks and 90-years old is a human being with a lot of complex thought coursing through the synapses, thoughts that can obscure the Wow and talk itself through the Waah. But when it comes down to it, that’s about the sum of our life. Add the steady hum of normal consciousness to the pain and the pleasure and there you have it:  Waaah!!!— Hummmmmm.—  Wow!!!

One thing I’m noticing is that the depth of the Waahs seems inversely proportionate to the height of the Wows. Joy and Grief are roommates and if you’re willing to enter through the door to visit one, you need to be prepared to meet the other. That’s why most people prefer to visit Blah and Distraction next door. I’ve been blessed with a year of 4th of July sparklers and Christmas light twinklings, most of it captured in these Blogs. But in the EKG of the heart’s path, there have been some mighty dips in the Waah-world, much of it caused by people who have closed the door to the two W’s and opted for the daily drone of mediocrity, turned that hum into humdrum. And while I try to analyze and reason and present strategic solutions of decisions poorly made, what I really want to do is bang my fists on the floor in two-year old tantrum or cry out with 4-week old lungs until I get attention. Maybe I’ll try it in my next confrontation. Instead of, “I understand where you’re coming from, but have you considered?…” 
I’ll just cry out WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

More to say about this, but Zadie is crying out for attention. Whatever baby wants…

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