Friday, August 31, 2012


It’s been quite a day. Woke up and felt good in each part of the ole bod (‘cept one) and bussed to the doc, who knocked me out, cut me in the groin and put in some mesh to  keep some parts in line that had spilled out. Six hours there in my cute gown and hat and striped socks, pushed from room to room, and then home to lie down with ice and pain pills. If all goes well, a few days like this and then a few weeks less than the whole me and then I can hike and lift like I used to.

Lots to say ‘bout the day and the nice folks who helped me and the folks in the same boat rolled up and down the halls, but the doc says not to lift words with more than one…hmm, can’t say it, weighs too much. You know the word. First part rhymes with “pill” and there’s two more parts and last part sounds like a cow with horns. Got it? Read this all once more and you will see that I kept it down to just one ___ words and trust me, it’s hard.

To sum up: Ouch! And thanks to the doc and staff. See you in a few weeks on the trail—and then will write a long blog with big words.


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