Thursday, March 14, 2013

Point of View

Woke up to yet more snow. It’s March 15th (the ides of March!) and shouldn’t it be Spring already? I have to walk the half-hour to the Orff Institut with my suitcase to be ready to get to the Munich train after class and it’s snowing. By my usual standards of expecting the World to wrap itself around my needs and desires, I should be annoyed.

But last night walking to dinner in the Old Town, I found myself singing Christmas Carols and “Shezam!”—instant transformation! Fact is, Christmas in Peru wasn’t quite the image I have stored from childhood and I kind of missed it. So why not have it in March? The snowflakes under the sparkling lights, the castle up the hill and beautiful old buildings left and right, the cozy fire in the restauarant and candles on tables, “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” and “Silent Night” (composed a few blocks away here in Salzburg!) ringing in my ears— it was Christmas in my heart. All that was missing was the same spirit in the people I passed by, who I imagined were less than enchanted and  thinking, “Hey, Spring! We’re ready! Enough with the snow!”

So this morning, I’ll set off with my suitcase belting out “Winter Wonderland” and “Deck the Halls” as I pass my bewildered fellow pedestrians and make some delicious lemonade from the lemons of the weather— or rather hot cider with cloves. And if the weather should change again, I’ll be happy to change to whisling Clifford Brown’s “Joy Spring.” Hey, World, I got lots of songs. Give me what you will and I’ll find the right one to change my point of view and be right there with you!

Meanwhile, note to self. Put spending an actual Christmas in Salzburg at the top of the old Bucket List. A different kind of magic than Machu Picchu and not so strenuous.

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