Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Quiz

When my daughter Talia was little, we drove past a front lawn displaying both Santa and his sleigh and Jesus in the manger. With all that honest innocence of children, she asked, “What’s Jesus doing there? What does he have to do with Christmas?!!” 

This little anecdote could be a confession of our failure as parents to take our kids to a Christian church— or a prelude to the Christmas Quiz I just made up. I’m going for the latter. See how you do:

1. What holiday did Jesus celebrate around Christmas-time?
2. In what book of the Bible did Santa Claus appear?
3. How many reindeer brought the Wise men to Bethlehem by sleigh?
4. Who did Joseph kiss under the mistletoe?
5. Historically speaking (and grammatically correct), to whom did the Popes send Christmas cards before the 20th century?
6. Did the Easter bunny and St. Nick ever meet?
7. What animals surrounding Jesus in the manger are mentioned in the Bible?
8. When did the Israelites decorate their Christmas trees back then?
9. What was a typical Christmas celebration like in the year 1000?
10. What Jewish songwriter wrote “White Christmas?”

 Answers will appear in the next Blog (thus upgrading my reader count). Good luck!

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