Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Power of Persuasion

We all hope to make a difference in the world. To say something, do something, make a helping gesture that makes a positive impact on someone. Yes? And the maddening thing is that we can never predict what that will be. Sometimes our most intentional help passes unnoticed and doesn’t make a dent. Other times, little things we may have done or said that we don’t even remember hit the bullseye of someone’s need in the moment that they are forever grateful for.

When I tell people in workshops about checking out my TEDx talk, I advertise it as something to show administrators who need convincing that music is important. Truth be told, I never imagine that they do or if they did, that it would make an impact. And then today, a music teacher told me this  story:

“My administrator called me into her office and said she was going to cut my music hours. I asked her to watch your TEDx talk and the next day she called me back in and said, ‘Never mind. We’ll keep your job as is.’”


Sometimes the things you hope make a difference actually do. 

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