Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Ultimate Oxymoron

I'm sorry, I just can't resist sharing the sign I passed driving through Washington DC yesterday:


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  1. I thought this was a music education site Why are you making it political? If you really think George Bush wasn't extremely intelligent then you probably aren't very intelligent.

    Bush has been discounted many times in his life and career for being wooden and unintelligent due to his fractured speaking style, but in fact, his academic performance was on par if not slightly better than that of his better-spoken, fellow Yalie John Kerry. As Bush's test scores and subsequent achievements suggest an above average intelligence, it is appropriate to believe that he likely has benefited from other's underestimation of his gifts. This was apparent in the first televised debate with Al Gore in 2000, when Bush held his own against the condescending vice president, and in doing so, triumphed in the eyes of the political handicappers.
    Graduated from Yale University with a degree in history, and then earned an MBA from Harvard University.


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