Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Six Word Bio

“For sale. Baby shoes. Never used.”
This was Hemingway’s answer to the challenge of writing a six-word novel. Out of that came a minor cult of people writing six-word autobiographies. Many are collected in a charming book called “Not Quite What I Was Planning” featuring various authors.
I tried my hand and came up with the following. Most could use some explanation and examples, but that’s like explaining the punch line of a joke. So I’ll just leave you wondering— or not.
• Played children’s games. Got paid.
• Called world to quarrel. No answer.
• Didn’t have much. Used it all.
• More than hoped. Still not enough.
• Top of ladder. View of mall.
• Innovation and tradition. Loved them both.
• No from Oprah. Wrote blog instead.
• Daily news sorrow. Daily work joy.
• Orff. Jazz. Zen. Kept me busy.

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