Sunday, October 9, 2016

Medusa's Mirror

Today it struck me. Trump is Medusa reincarnated! The parallels are astounding:

1.     Medusa was an ugly monster. Check one.

2.     Her hair was made of snakes. His is some kind of orange badger.

3.     Everyone who looked at her turned to stone. Everyone who goes to Trump rallies experiences brain freeze— petrified thought that blocks any synaptic connections.

4.     My memory of the story is that Medusa saw her own reflection in Perseus’ shield and died from the sight, aghast at her own ugly form. Can’t find mythological verification of that, but it’s a good description of Trump’s meltdown, his own ugly comments coming back in his face. Of course, even at his most remorseful, he quickly goes into blame and attack mode about his enemies, but at least there is some hope that his supporting voters may find themselves freed from the spell.

It’s maddening that lies, ugliness and evil dominate the TV screens while Truth and Beauty are hidden in the corners. That’s real and so much suffering comes from the apparent victory of the despots, dictators, tyrants, supported by the unthinking masses. But history shows that Truth will out, the evil ones eventually become lame by shooting themselves repeatedly in the foot and order is restored to the Universe.

Trump keeps painting himself into the corner and let us hope he will crumple there alone, far away from the power of doing more harm. (English teachers, I’m aware of the mixed metaphors—how about Medusa shoots herself in the foot while painting herself in the corner where there is a secret mirror?) Hoping that tonight’s debate will reveal yet more of his Medusa form, the sleeping badger on his head will spring alive into a nest of writhing vipers and his true horror will be revealed for the 100 million watching to finally say,

“Enough. Hillary it is.”

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