Sunday, November 27, 2016

Season of Miracles

Just went with the grandkids to The Grotto in Portland, an impressive Catholic Sanctuary with beautiful gardens, a labyrinth and lovely meditation room with a view. Scattered throughout were statues and stories depicting the various sorrows and glories of the life of Jesus. Some of which included the many miracles associated with his life.

On November 27th of this historic month, I can confidently say that no miracle of the past could hold a candle to the miracle we need in this moment. No immaculate conception, no walking on water or water turned to wine, no fishes and loaves and no resurrection would be more miraculous or more important to humankind than the miracles we need now. I can think of three that would qualify:

1)    The Electoral College chooses not to ratify a raving madman who lost the popular vote by a significant margin.

2)    Recounts are held in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida, revealing that in fact Hilary won the Electoral College votes.

3)    Most miraculous of all, Saint Trump reveals his true secret nature and discloses that his entire candidacy based on hate and false promises and division was in fact a ruse to hold a mirror to the American people showing what we have become. And having been voted in by hate, he will lead by love, appoint intelligent, qualified and compassionate people to his cabinet and apologize to all those he insulted as part of the game.

Those are the miracles we are waiting for. Anyone listening up there?

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