Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Latin Jeopardy

It’s time for Latin Jeopardy. Test yourself. (Remember the question is a statement and the answer is a question. Who thought of that weird detail?)

1.     It was the official motto of the United States.
2.     It is found on something that we carry with us most every day.
3.     It is stated on something also on the above.
4.     The bird holds two things in its talons.
5.     The above bird is facing one of those things and it represents something.
6.     In 1956, Congress changed it to a new motto.
7.     There are two more Latin sayings on that common household object.
8.     The current regime has reversed all of the above.

How did you do?

Just as I thought. We carry these things around with us every day, but are woefully ignorant of them and even more ignorant of the message they carry. Time to educate ourselves.

Answers below:

1.     What is E Pluribus Unum? “Out of many, one.”
2.     What is a dollar bill?
3.     What is The Great Seal?
4.     What is an olive branch and arrows?
5.     What is the olive branch, symbol of peace?
6.     What is “In God We Trust?”
7.     What is Annuit Coeptis—“Providence approves of our undertakings” and Novus ordo seclorum—“A New Order of the Ages?”
8.     a) What is “Out of one, one and deport the many?”
b) What is “The eagle’s head is now turned to the arrows?”
c) What is “God, we trusted you and you let Trump happen?”
d) What is “A New Disorder of the Ages?”
d) What is “Providence. Really?!! This is okay with you?!!”

     Keep studying your dollar bill. Next test is "The Pyramid and the Eye."

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