Sunday, April 2, 2017

Popcorn with a Spoon

It was supposed to rain today, but thankfully it didn’t. My laundry could dry outside in the sun while my host and dear friend Christa and I walked in the park and discussed my bad reputation as a loudmouth. Ha ha! I confessed that you can’t keep pushing the borders of what’s appropriate to say and how and when and how much without pissing some people off (ie, making political references in workshops) and if you do, you can’t then whine and complain that you’re not a member of the good ole boys (or girls) club. Sometimes you have to choose between harsh truth and being the pleasant non-boat-rocker and if you choose the former, be prepared to accept the consequences. I’m slowly accepting this. Very slowly.

We came back and retreated to our computers to defy my last suggestion to “Keep the Sabbath” and mid-afternoon, Christa suggested a popcorn snack. No arm-twisting necessary here! Love me my popcorn! With yeast, just like back home! But I was surprised when she brought me a bowl with a large spoon to eat it with. Eat popcorn with a spoon? Really?!! Have I lived over six decades to encounter this idea for the very first time?! Apparently, yes.

The appeal was I could keep working without getting my fingers greasy. But after about five spoonfuls, it just felt too wrong. So back to the tried-and-true fingers and grease be damned!
Still though, isn’t it funny how something so small as a new way to eat popcorn made my day just a little bit more interesting and intriguing? Like discovering that Belgium cherry beer (thanks Cao Li!) in the Salzburg Merkur. Fantastic!! And another first.

So you see it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try sipping cherry beer through a straw.

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