Sunday, June 18, 2017

Two Legs and a Camera

 Santorini, Greece.

Positano, Italy.

Valparaiso, Chile.

And now, Chefchaouen, Morocco.

These extraordinary towns nestled into cliffs with winding streets and stunning white, blue or multi-colored architecture. Yes, ten thousand tourists, but still a character intact. And me with the good fortune to visit them, to wander around and wind around the maze of streets and alleys.

Of course, what the postcards don’t show is the 100 degree heat, but that is our fault. Timing is everything and if we were to return, May it is.

Was it Greta Garbo who said, “Take me to the Casbah!”? Well, finally went to one and great to have some Spanish signs explaining the deep connection with this part of Morocco and Andalucia in southern Spain. And last night heard some Spanish spoken in restaurants and after feeling left out with my non-existent French and Arabic, great to be able to talk a bit to folks.

This is unquestionably a “one picture worth a thousand words place” and this writer is mostly just “two legs and a camera” walking around with a cough, so I’ll share a few photos and see if the words will surface when some semblance of a normal self returns. Enjoy!

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