Friday, November 24, 2017

First World Pleasures

Re-reading my early journals, I would say things like:

“Feeling wholly aligned with the ten thousand things, at one with the world.”

“Excitingly close to being fully present in the moment.”

During zazen meditation, felt like each breath was taking me one step closer to the doorway of enlightenment.”

Now these are the kind of things I write in my journal or share with my friends.

“ Drove 101 North all the way to Sebastopol with no traffic!!”

“ Got TSA approved this morning at the airport. Score! Didn’t need to take off my shoes.”

“ Found a burrito place that still sold burritos for under $6!”

 “ Replaced my hard-drive in the computer and it’s so fast now!”

“Season 4 of “The Good Wife” just came in at the library. Yeah!”

How far I’ve come. And mind you, I’ve still resisted the i-Phone. Otherwise, I’d be crowing about my new aps or boring you with Instagram photos.

But hey, a pleasure is a pleasure, whether it be cosmic or trivial, planetary or first-world. I take it as it comes. And check it out:  I’m about to board the plane to Portland in first class, a ticket I bought to maintain my Gold card status so I could continue to have the privilege of Priority Baggage.

Life is good.

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