Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Return of George Bailey

A message to every Republican (or Democrat) voting for the tax bill to punish the poor and middle class and reward the rich and greedy, to every voter who allowed this guy in office whose only way of talking about any city mentioned in the Presidential Debates was “I have property there,” to all those politicians and people who support them who are trying to exclude, diminish, put down, deny rights and health care to anyone who doesn’t live in their gated community or belong to their “good ole boys” club.

You are forbidden to watch It’s a Wonderful Life this holiday season.

If you watch it and pretend that it’s a lovely, sentimental movie, you’re a hypocrite. Because you are rooting for Potter and you’re supporting a President who is Potter and in case you didn’t notice, POTTER IS THE BAD GUY IN THE MOVIE!!! He lies, he cheats, he cares only about money, has no moral compass, cares nothing for the community and symbolizes the capitalist psychopath who sees people only as stepping-stones to his personal power and profit. The hero is the anti-Potter, the guys who works hard for his family and neighbors and suffers from being under the thumb of the Potters of this world.

But Republicans take note: In the end, the good guy wins, the love he gave comes back to him and when the community gets together and decides “Enough!” and gives from the bottom of their pockets and their hearts, Potter is defeated and thrown on the ash heap of history. Sentimental hogwash? Maybe. But also a blueprint for the momentum of the moment, as the bad guys are starting to crumble even as they keep pushing with their heavy shoulders of power to hurt and harm and protect their pathetic morally-bankrupt and spiritually-bereft privileges. The folks who care about the decent things in this life are the ones singing “I Heard the Bells of Christmas Day” momentarily despairing and hanging their head because “hate is strong and mocks the song, of peace on earth, good will to all.” But if they continue to the next verse, they find that the bells are starting to ring clearer and their song trumpets out “the wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with peace on earth, good will to all.” Potter is vanquished and George Bailey proclaims, “It’s a wonderful life!”

There are many George Baileys still in this country. We are getting together, we’re organizing, we’re doing whatever it takes to stop this madness. And I believe we will prevail.

May it be so!!

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