Saturday, February 23, 2019

Swimming at the Airport

I’ve been in some interesting airports in my life. Some have rows of Adirondack rocking chairs, some have pianos available to play (and I do), some have a simulated rain forest to walk through when you depart the plane. Many have shower facilities and most have some kind of prayer/ meditation room. Some have children’s mini-playgrounds, some massage chairs or live masseuses. All, of course, have stores and restaurants and cafes and such. But I’ve never been in an airport that has a swimming pool. Until now.

Truth be told, I haven’t seen it and am too unambitious to leave the lounge to search for it. But according to my reliable sources, Changi Airport in Singapore has a swimming pool. If you have a two or three hour layover, make sure to pack your swimming trunks in your carry-on. What better way to pass the time?

With some 14 or 15 hours of chair time ahead on the return flight to San Francisco, I really should suit up. But again, inertia prevails and not enough time anyway, with boarding in 45 minutes. But I think I should put it on my bucket list for any return trip to Singapore. Just for a story to tell the grandchildren. Or better yet, something to do with the grandchildren if we ever take a trip to Asia together! 

Maybe San Francisco Airport can build a frisbee golf course. We have to keep up. 

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