Thursday, June 18, 2020

Speak Truth to Power

Well, that was interesting. Last night’s shows on the Dream Channel found me teaching kids in some international school, but having to share it with our Toddler-in-Chief. The so-called President went first, delivered his usual incoherent jumble of words about nothing and then I took over and got them singing and dancing. At one point, I glanced back and so him talking off on the side and called him out in front of the kids, saying, “Excuse me! No side-talking while I’m teaching, please.” 

When the next class came in, I planned to do the Funga Alafia Welcome Song with the gestures that mean, “With my thoughts, I greet you, with my words, I greet you, with my heart I greet you, there’s nothing up my sleeve” and explain to the kids how important it is to have your thoughts, words and feelings aligned and greet people with no agenda, with no thought of tricking them or trying to get something from them. And how some people think one thing, but say another, feel one thing (or feel nothing!) and say another, and some always meet people thinking, “What can I get out of this deal? How can I dupe them and trick them for my own personal advantage?” While speaking to the kids, I was going to gesture with my eyes to the buffoon behind me. 

But before I could do that, the scene switched to my music room and a game I made up with some kids marching around to the song 76 Trombones while other kids quickly figured it out on the xylophone. And me telling them all how wonderful it felt to be back in the music room. And Mr. T was nowhere in sight.

I’m sure he was just afraid that I would speak truth to his unearned power. 

And I would have.

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