Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Life By the Numbers

I’ve always thought of myself more as a humanities or arts-inclined person, but it is numbers that can make or break my day. As in:


• What number is the Air-Quality Index today?

• How many new COVID cases? How many deaths?

• What do the polls say now?


And on it goes. What is the temperature? How much money is in my bank account? How many steps does my heart ap tell me I walked today? How many miles biked? What time is my next Zoom call? How many gigabytes of storage are left on my computer? 


When I swim in Lake Michigan, I count my strokes (1600 my record).  When I feel near the end of my morning mediation, I count my breaths (usually 10 more). When I’m bored on a long plane ride (well, not any time recently), I count the number of countries I’ve visited (somewhere around 60). When I play paddleball with someone, we count the number of hits (new world record of 662 with Talia and I!). How many more minutes can I procrastinate before getting out for my daily bike ride?


As many minutes as I hope would match today’s Air Quality Index, Covid cases and percentage of people planning to vote for the monster (hint: starts with T). 


And with that as motivation, I’m off!



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