Friday, February 19, 2021


• The explosion of pink-blossomed plum trees at their peak. 


• Two young girls running on San Francisco’s Marshall Beach silhouetted by the sunset.


• Back to my childhood three-station TV in dream-world—missing flights at airports on CBS, teaching at my school on NBC, giving Orff workshops on ABC. More channels please!


• 50-foot cable at Best Buy to try to solve unstable Zoom connections. 


• From Scotland to England to Denmark to France— Call My Agent the new nighttime TV companion. 


• Three most influential books theme for Men’s Group— Walden, The Autobiography of Malcom X, The Soul’s Code.


• The “w” not working without much effort on my keyboard. What?! Why? When? How to fix it? Where to fix it? Suddenly it seems like the most important letter. 


• Invitations to teach in the Fall and one of them live in November. May it be so!


• Invitation to teach in 2024 and starting to think about whether I should still buy green bananas. 


• Don’t forget pears and blue cheese.


PS  What is the etymology of “tidbit?” “Tid” from dialect meaning fond or tender, “bit” meaning a morsel. That kind of works.


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