Friday, May 21, 2021

Another Look at Diversity

I've started a new jigsaw puzzle and am learning yet more lessons from the wisdom of its teachings. (Perhaps I should start a new cult? Jigsaw Puzzle Way!) Different colors and shapes and distinct markings (like letters in words) make it so much easier to put things together and figure things out and enjoy the emerging image. I loved the map of San Francisco puzzle, matching the streets I had walked on and placing them easily in their neighborhoods—until it got to the all-blue Bay with pieces one color and essentially one shape, no markings or distinctive features. It took me as long to put together the last 50 pieces as the previous 950 and I can testify—it was not fun.


So my new puzzle is a Victory Garden alive with the vibrant colors of beets, watermelons, pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, sunflowers, some welcome words and a great variety of puzzle shapes. Such pleasure! Such satisfaction! Such rich imagery! Why would anyone resist this? Why would people go so far out of their way to live in houses that mostly look alike filled with people that mostly look alike, think alike (if you can call it thinking), feel the same things (if you can call it feeling). Why would they spend so much time of their precious time working to keep the lively colors and shapes out of their neighborhood, out of their own minds and hearts? 


Just wondering. 


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