Monday, June 21, 2021

Father's Day

If I hadn’t been a father, I wouldn’t have met my 9-year-old granddaughter yesterday at the gate for her first flight alone.


I wouldn’t have gone straight to her Tita’s house (her aunt, my daughter) and witnessed their always loving and joyful reunion. 


I wouldn’t have ridden with her in a Go-Cart around downtown San Francisco, then watched a street break-dance group and then play games at the newly re-opened Mechanical Museum. 


There would have been no taco dinner with my wife and daughter and no time spent finding the straight-edges in my new sushi jigsaw puzzle (photo of sushi, not made from rice!). 


There would have been no evening video, sharing one of my favorite movies that totally held up—Nine to Five, with its look at the men that we don’t want any more in this world and the women that we do. 


So hooray for fatherhood for what it was and what it is and for the way that it led to grandfatherhood. I love it all. 

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