Thursday, October 14, 2021

Four Meditations on Watching the SF Giants Lose the Playoff Game Last Night

1) Remember Mary Oliver’s advice:

You must not ,ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life. (Or for your happiness.)


2) Console yourself with this realization: You have just freed up some 20 to 35 hours of your life by not having to view any more games. Good time to finally read Moby Dick, master Chopin’s Impromptu  or learn Coltrane’s Giant Steps in all 12 keys.


3) Secret to happiness when your team is losing? Suddenly switch allegiance to the other team! Go Mookie Betts!


4) Consider the moon and stars when you step outside after the game. No star is trying to slide into the moon, no crowds are cheering, the celestial orbs are all perfectly content to be where they are, slowly circling without ambition, nothing to win or lose. 


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