Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Atlas Unchained

The grandkids have arrived and amongst the plans of bike rides, walks in the park, cooking, board games, select movies, jigsaw puzzle, I’m reading the D’ Auelliare Book of Greek Myths to my 6-year old grandson. From Nike to Cupid to Athens to the Kronos Quartet and far beyond, it’s remarkable how much of Western civilization sprang from these roots and continue to echo down through the years. Might was well start them young. 


And so Atlas, carrying the Universe on his back and that sense so many of us have now of shouldering the burden of the world’s calamaties. My own blogposts offering my tiny ideas about healing enormous problems a case in point. But with six of the eight days left in the visit, I’m putting down the world and giving Malik a piggyback ride instead. And Zadie too, though she’s already 5’2” and a bit beyond my capacity to physically carry. 


I imagine I’ll still check in and tell little charming stories— like the way Malik asked his Mom if they were “un-entering Grant’s Pass” when they left the town they entered. But the large world-shaking insights hoping to carry the large world-shaking issues I put down for now. To be continued.  

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