Thursday, September 7, 2023

You've Got Mail!

• Roku: TV Shopping? Look no further

• Empire Today: New Floors for Doug Goodkin

• Inspiring quotes: How we can decrease our suffering

• Sounds True: Time to tune in to our deepest humanity.

• Daily Kos: Alabama court set quick deadline to change congressional districts

• Apple News: Last chance for 3 months free

• Reelgood: Transform How You Choose to Watch

• Kohls Shooper Gift Card: You can qualify to get a $50 Kohls gift card

• Car Shield: Three Simple Steps to Save You $$

• Venease Hemmorrhoid. Eliminate Stubborn Hemorrhoids


Have you noticed how junk e-mail has increased? If there are 12 e-mails in my in-box, these above (received yesterday) account for 10 of them. Buy a new Roku (as I did) and suddenly you’re on some list. The new deal is that by buying something, you’re agreeing without agreeing that you’ll receive related e-mails. (Though this doesn’t explain the New Floors or Car Shield and certainly doesn’t explain the Hemmorrhoids!) 


Watch this! Buy that! Donate here! Sign the petition there! Get your inspirational quote for the day! Get your depressing news for the day! And then the mail that comes through the door slot yet more of the same. How many trees die each year for the junk mail everyone immediately throws away? 


Remember when the sound of mail coming through the door slot gave you a little rush of excitement and sometimes, there was an actual letter for you? Or invitation of something worthy— to teach a workshop or consider this concert or a check for books sold. I still get that little thrill when I see 42 items in my e-mail and then the disappointment when 40 of them are crap. Why should I be surprised?


What’s in your inbox today?

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