Thursday, September 26, 2013

Under the Weather

My body like the captain in Mary Poppins booming his cannon to announce a shift in the wind. In that case, the magical Mary comes floating in with her umbrella, in mine, the little germs gather and forecast the inevitable Fall sickness. For no other reason than Summer’s graceful exit and Fall declaring its arrival with the slight chill in the air that changes everything.

Bad time to be sick, (well, when is it a good time?) as I’m about to visit my precious granddaughter after a five month too-long gap since our last visit. Made more difficult because the Skype video connection seems to have disappeared and it’s been four weeks since a Skype-sighting. On the phone, I hear her once-babble and single words shaping themselves into little sentences and am desparate to be there to witness and partake. And sing, of course. She already sang the ABC song on the phone and this proud Pop-Pop thinking it’s quite young to master that (22 months) and she sounds pretty tuneful besides. (Note to self: don’t forget to pack the ukelele.)

So I fortified myself with Wellness pills (echinacea and golden seal), tried to rest when I could and so far think I might keep it at bay. Began feeling under the weather and rising to moving along inside the weather. (Looked up that phrase: comes from sailors who were ill being confined to the hold under the deck and thus, not exposed to, under the weather. How I love language’s little histories.)

So dear reader, get ready for the Zadie Chronicles, transposed from the former home of Washington DC to the the new adventure of Portland, Oregon. Closer, same time zone, cheaper flights, other friends and family there and yes, different weather. Apparently, I’m going to make it just in time for the weekend rain. Under the weather with my umbrella in hand. 

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