Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear Diary

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. Really, I’m not much busier than I usually am, but I just never found the right moment. You know how it is. Well, maybe you don’t, because you’re just a screen with no original thoughts and nothing every happens to you unless I say so. Well, anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing since I last wrote.

Friday: It was our Martin Luther King celebration at school. It was in our new, big Community Center and the lighting was wrong, but I managed to cry anyway. But it’s kind of funny, because our school now is very fussy about background FBI checks and things like that and I wonder if Martin Luther King could have gotten a job with us. Maybe not. So he couldn’t come to his own celebration.

Saturday: I had a rehearsal with my Pentatonics band. I LOVE playing jazz and hanging out with these guys! We’re all excited about our road trip to Fresno next week. Yeah! I don’t think I’ll be able to write about what happens— you know the saying; “What happens in Fresno, stays in Fresno!” Maybe it will inspire the plot of Hangover 4. Well, in my dreams! We’ll probably go to bed early and watch Seinfeld reruns in the motel.

At night, went to a 40th wedding anniversary party that night of an old friend. Weird that all my friends look so old. What happened to them? Ha ha! But still a great spirit amongst us old hippies. And 40 years waking up next to the same person. “Oh, you’re still here?” That’s really something.

Sunday: We went on our annual New Year’s walk with friends, a tradition 32 years old! Walked the ridge above Lagunitas in Marin, perfect weather, the ritual licorice snack and photo at the peak, minus all the kids— they’re all grown up and away or busy. And then back to our friends’ beautiful home where I screamed and shouted “GO NINERS!” until all the air came out like a popped balloon and I said some bad words that I can’t repeat here. Thank God I’m not a sports fan! Finished the evening with Downton Abbey. Kind of like the football game, everyone trying to move their ball up the field, but a bit more subtle. (Wow! That’s a big word for me!)

Monday: Yesterday was …um… let’s see. Well……hmm. I can’t remember! Oh yeah, a bit of a fight with a certain magazine that rejected my article because it wasn’t scholarly enough. Gee whiz, can’t a person just think and have an original idea without a footnote anymore? But I’m supposed to be very professional here, so don’t try to guess which magazine or tell anyone.

Tuesday: I sat down and vowed not to leave until I answered every last e-mail. And I did it! Aren’t you proud of me, dear diary?And then I started to write report cards. Fun, fun, fun!

Well, Dear Diary, that’s about all I have to say. See you again sometime.

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