Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Few Things I've Learned

A pithy well-turned phrase (that ignites the reader’s imagination) surpasses the best essay (with all its arguments lined up like obedient soldiers). Hence, this random collection below:

• Some of the world’s best teachers: Children. Trees. Hummingbirds.

• A child’s bad behavior is often the teacher’s bad teaching.

• On Longevity: “We all sit down someday to a banquet of consequences.” (Robert Louis Stevenson). And sometimes the meal is delicious.

• When something’s rotten in the state of Denmark, look through the refrigerator to find the moldy cheese. Then throw it out.

• The only way to dispel darkness is to light your own candle. But sometimes it’s useful to find out who turned out the light.

• “Change is inevitable— learn to accept it.” Pep talk from slave traders to the slaves.

• Words— a poor substitute for music.

• A pithy well-turned phrase surpasses the best essay.

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