Monday, March 16, 2015

If It's Tuesday…

…It Must Be Belgium, was the title of the old movie about American tourists in Europe. Though I did get to see a friend from Belgium on Saturday, Tuesday for me is Nuremberg, Germany teaching jazz to University Students. Well, morning. Tuesday night is another Orff workshop in Zurich, Switzerland. Last Friday were the final classes in Salzburg, Saturday an all-day workshop in Munich. Tomorrow a different workshop in Switzerland, Saturday, another one in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sunday re-pack in San Francisco, Monday off to Malaysia for a Wednesday workshop. Isn’t this fun?

Truth be told, it is! Well, I am worried about the Switzerland-North Carolina- San Francisco-Malaysia travel in the space of five days. Not my first choice of itinerary, but just the only way certain things could happen this time. But if my body can hold up (fingers crossed), my main confession of this traveling music teacher is simply— I love it. I recognize it is an ecological disaster as a life style and not the way I would choose to settle into the pleasure of getting to briefly know a new place, but it is the work that is the constant thread and the sense that children everywhere might be a bit happier if the seeds of the work take root in the participants. And that counts for something.

Time to pack.

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