Friday, November 27, 2015

A Modern Miracle

No, I didn’t see the face of the Virgin Mary in my frapuccino’s whipped cream. I didn’t hear the voice of God come thundering out of my imagined Bernie-Bush debate. Buddha did not whisper in my ear that I am already perfect as I am.
Instead, I walked through Golden Gate Park and noticed some unusual activity. And so I began counting the people I passed engaged in said-activity and came up with 294 until one broke the pattern. 294. I found this extraordinary.
The activity was actually non-activity. It seemed miraculous to me that 294 people walked past me and not a single one was…
Talking or texting on a cell phone!
I kid you not! They were talking to each other or looking around at the sights on a sunny day, heads up and eyes open. There were three who used their phone to take a photo, but heck, that could have been a camera, so I didn’t count it.
After the man with his wife and kid broke the pattern (he was on his phone, they were not), I was debating whether or not to keep counting.
And then my cell phone rang. 

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