Tuesday, November 10, 2015


At a recent school parent meeting, an alum was interviewed and asked the following:
“What was the most important thing you learned at the school?”
“I would say juggling.”
“You mean learning to multi-task and handle several things going on at once?”
“No, I mean juggling. First with scarves and then with balls.”
It has been quite a week in the Lake Wobegon of my little world. Preparing 46 Middle School kids for a concert at the Orff Convention in San Diego while rehearsing with the adults performing after while teaching the usual load while grading report cards for Middle School while hosting three visitors while teaching an SF Jazz Saturday workshop while working on getting the Summer Orff Course Website back up and running while… well, you get the idea. Lots of balls up in the air and each one with its own crazy spin. But somehow they’re not falling down on my head and by Saturday morning, they will all have come to a well-earned rest.
Juggling the complexities of our lives is indeed a worthy metaphorical skill, but it’s also a pretty fun— and according to our alum survey of one—important and memorable physical skill as well. I should be packing for my trip tomorrow, but I think I’ll take some time off and juggle for a while. Care to join me? 

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