Sunday, January 31, 2016

June in January

Do you know this tune from the Great American Songbook? Sweet little song about how January can feel like June if you’re in love. Since I’m not in the particular stage of Romance at the moment, I’m doing the next best thing—flying to Australia where it’s summer! Going from turning on the heat in my house to turning on the air-conditioner in my hotel room. I’m ready, willing and able. The Florida retirement has no allure for me and San Francisco winter is pretty mild, but still I get why the elders seek warmer climates. (I wonder if Garrison Keillor will head south when he retires?)

The last few days have been typically intense, playing through five jazz pieces with each of my 8th grade groups, a varied and beautiful sing at the Jewish Home, an all-day workshop with my always-inspiring colleague Sofia and the remarkable Venezuelan musician Jackie Rago now flowering as another inspired Orff teacher, stumbling into a stunning fireworks display seen from the Bay Bridge. (I thought it was to acknowledge this fine workshop on Latin music, but others seem to think it had do with something called the Super Bowl.) Then a memorial service for a dear neighbor who made a notable impact on so many lives through her dedication to legislation around child-care. Some 300 people at her service and one of the dubious perks of dying relatively young (70). When you’re 97, like my dear Bernice from the Jewish Home who just passed away, ain’t many left to mourn.

And so back to the blog’s main theme, the joys and delights of the traveling music teacher alongside 12 hour flights on small seats. In the United Lounge now as my Gold Card expires and enjoying it while I can, since my loyal corporation has demoted me on technicalities and obscure new standards to the lowly Silver Status. Two hours of my life wasted trying to wring some compassion out of the customer reps and understanding for my misunderstandings of their convoluted criteria. Should I have been surprised that they didn’t care? The Corporate Heart is a cold one, and though they love to create the status of a person to avoid taxes, they don’t qualify in my book. Take that, United!! Watch your business drop from my powerful blog! Ha ha!.

Wish me an empty neighbor seat, good movies, the capacity to sleep and a healthy back as I dive down to the land down under.

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