Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yes, But…

I was thinking the other day about my readers. This blog is in its 6th year and there has been a slow and steady increase in Followers, up to 167 a few days ago. That astounds me. Like all writers, I’m vulnerable to the constant self-doubt of wondering if anyone likes what I’m writing—or at least is intrigued enough to keep reading. The answer seemed to be yes.

And then for the first time in all these years, a few days ago, I noticed the follower’s number drop. From 167 to 165. And then this morning drop again to 156. It felt like watching the beginning of the Wall St. crash. What’s going on?

And then it occurred to me that my last blog about the dangers of the Internet was so convincing that 11 people decided to stop reading blogs online and are sitting at home cozied in with War and Peace. That’s a good thing! But hey, don’t listen to me! You still could read a blog here and there.

Enlighten me, oh ex-followers! 

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