Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ships Rising on the Tide

If I give a workshop and the teachers afterwards say, “Wow! You’re awesome!” I know I’ve done something wrong. But when someone tells me how they surprised themselves with the new level of musicality they reached, or felt affirmed in the things they do well, or feel ready to reconsider the things they could be doing better to help their kids, then I know I’m on the right track.

After a stirring, varied and fun (always fun!) two-day workshop at the Seisen School in Tokyo, a thoughtful participant asked me afterwards, “Do you know the expression ‘All ships rise when the tide comes in?’ That’s the feeling I’m left with after this workshop, not only for me, but watching how people opened and blossomed in a mere two days. ” I confessed I hadn’t heard the expression, but loved the image.

So that’s what this work is about. Bringing in a tide that will effortlessly raise all the ships on the water. No credit necessary (in spite of my “Honorary Doctorate plea yesterday!), just letting the moon of music’s spirit exert its gravitational pull. And yes, in a mere two days, the ships rose high on the water, hoisted their sails and let the breeze blow them toward new horizons. And wasn’t that fine?

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