Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dear December

Dear December,

I know you’re the last month and you’re tired and probably just want to get through all the shopping, turn the light around and call it a year, but we could really use your help right now. There’s a lot of spiritual force in you, what with Buddha’s Enlightenment Day on December 8th, Rumi’s Wedding Night (when he died and merged with the Beloved) on December 17th and the mythological birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th (sources say he was probably born in April). There’s also Hanukkah and Winter Solstice, complete with miracles of oil and spinning tops and our spinning globe keeping true to its orbit and heading back from the darkness to the light. What I'm wondering is if you have any miracles left in you? I understand that might feel like a lot of pressure and you’d rather stay home and just watch reruns of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I know I’m asking a lot.

But listen up, December, the bad guy banker Potter just got elected and he’s filling the offices with certified lunatics and evicting Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed and if no one stops this, it ain’t gonna be a wonderful life for a while for any of us. There’s lots of choices here, from the Swing State recounts to Electoral College doing the right thing to the Chicago Cubs crowd times ten making a circle around the White House and keeping Obama going until this country gets its head on straight. (And speaking of the Cubs, are you going to let November out-miracle you?!) If you take the messages and power of Buddha, Jesus, Rumi and multiply it times the Solstice promise of keeping nature’s sacred cycles rolling, surely something could happen that would raise the hope that has been trampled in the mud. And oh yeah, throw Santa in there somewhere, we could use some jolly laughs and unconditional benevolence.

Whaddya think, December? Are you with us?

Your friend,


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