Monday, December 12, 2016

The Eye of Heaven

Have you seen the moon tonight? In San Francisco, it was ringed by a rainbow-like circle and looked like a big eye in the sky looking down on us suffering mortals with kindness and assurance. I’m still confused why my soul feels so peaceful knowing the storms that lie ahead, but without raising hopes so high that a fall will break my spirit, I feel a premonition that something may still happen to steer us away from the cliff’s edge. Goodness knows there are reasons enough— recounts in Swing states, stirrings of doubt from the Electoral College and the latest evidence that Russia may have indeed tampered with the election and we were duped by our one-time arch rival to pave the way for an alliance of despots.

But logic and morality and truth and what’s right and our capacity to do what’s right have lost their coin in our nation’s character. No earthly reason to depend upon them to keep a candle-flame of hope lit in our hearts.There’s something deeper and older and truer and more mysterious  at work here and part of me trusts it, knowing there’s no good reason whatsoever to do so. Tonight’s moon helped, some little sign of affirmation.

Why even bother to share this? Is it putting in a bid to be recognized as a minor Prophet should the miraculous happen? Is it speaking out loud that which has more power when moving from thought to speech? Is it one soul saying to another, “Maybe if we all keep faith in some tiny corner of our spirit, the combined force of our vibrating atoms will shift the winds of the universe.” I don’t know. I really don’t.

But while that moon is shining down like the eye of heaven (was that cloud passing a wink?), I might as well report it.

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  1. It's existential. Maybe it's giving up on the powers that be and looking to the one inside? Or the universal one?
    That said, I think that Jesus has got some explaining to do...


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