Monday, January 23, 2017

Signs of the Times

(Before Saturday's march gets too far away, I better share this rap I made based on many of the signs I saw {actual sign quotes in bold}. It's a work-in-progress, stay tuned for a more finished version. If you want to try rapping it, put on Herbie Hancock's Chameleon from his Headhunters album. They go together well.)

The slumbering giant is startin’ to stir,
Out marchin’ in the streets, sayin’ I’m with her.
Four million people who feel that things ain’t fine
Expressing themselves with their personal sign
50 countries ‘round the world, in cities and in towns
Sayin’ they ain’t happy with what’s been goin’ down
So listen up, Mr. Trump, we’re talkin’ to you
We ain’t takin’ lying down what you planning to do.

You run a campaign all based on hate,
Calling all who aren’t like you an enemy of state.
Standin’ up there and rantin’ every day,
Talkin’ about a wall to keep Mexicans away,
Then register the Muslims to kick them out,
But the people standin’ up and marchin’ while they shout,

“You’re a mean hombre, your thinking’s kind of hazy
Calling all Muslims terrorists and Mexicans lazy
Your hands are small and so’s your heart,
You make the Grinch look good, so we’re doin’ our part,
To let you know that we’re here to stay
We ain’t gonna go, and we just gotta say
Hey Mr. president, respect our existence
If you can’t do that, expect our resistance

You’re a liar and a cheat, an illegal resident
It’s for damn sure you ain’t my President
You sign up for a job, but you ain’t got no credential
You think that making money can make you Presidential

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! You’re incompetent and you got to go!

You think you’re the big cheese, the chairman of the board
But yesterday we got up and democracy roared
Can’t make America great again
By making America hate again 
The only person who’s an enemy of the state
Is the one who’s fannin’ the flames of hate.
That’s you! That’s you! Watch what we’re gonna do!

We said it! We meant it! We’re here to represent it!

You think that you are free, to be gropin’ and grabbin’ it
If someone is incompetent, you appoint them to the cabinet,
Are you crazy? Don’t you know that’s a terrible i-de-a?
They makin’ better cabinets in I-ke-a

You givin’ out all kinds of misinformation
Tryin’ to keep the people stupid in this here nation
Things ain’t true just cause you say it’s so
This ain’t no reality TV show
We’re goin’ to wake the people up with a just education,
Deport DeVoss and open immigration
Don’t you think for a minute that you’re gonna do it
We won’t take people like your Steve Pruit

Well, Humpty Trumpty, wanted a wall
Humpty Trumpty, get ready to Fall,
We gonna take you down, one way or another
You got to deal with my pissed-off nasty grandmother

Dump the Trump, dump dump the Trump 

You’re either on the bus or off the bus
It’s all of us or none of us.
No hate! No fear! We all are welcome here!
No fear! No hate! That's what makes us great! 

We don’t like what you’re doin’ and that’s a cold fact
So we’re getting’ together to ovary-act
We know you can’t feel, don’t care what we think
But you gonna have to deal with the women in pink
You spending all your time with your orange hair
Thinkin’ you can take away our Medicare
Keep your hands off our health, stop thinkin’ ‘bout your wealth.
Get off your spinnin’ axis, reveal your taxes!

Martin Luther King was our American hero
You tryin’ to take his moral arc and bend it back to zero
Hear our anger, feel our care, listen to our rage
You can’t drag us by the hair back to the Stone Age
Get out of the Oval Office, vacate the West Wing
Unless you pay attention to the words of Dr. King

“Injustice here is injustice everywhere.”

We were shocked and shaken, like a nightmare wild
That people vote for someone who behaves like a child
A child leader’s dangerous, like nuclear fission
You should wear a sign, “Needs adult supervision.”
All you care about is you!, livin’ in some swampy bog,
You think we can trust you? You don’t even own a dog!

You’re a super callous Fascist Racist Extra Bragga Docious
Every change that you propose is really quite atrocious,
Every thing you say is alternatively factocious,
Super callous fascist racist extra bragga docious.

Um-dittle-ittle, um did ya lie? Um-dittle-ittle, um did ya lie?
Uh –huh, you did! Who you tryin’ to kid?

You never say a kind word, all you care about is power,
Sittin’ high and mighty in your tall Trump Tower.
Now you in the white house looking out at your plantation.
Thinking that who you are will define our nation.
But, Mr. President, we beg to disagree
And so do the four million who came out to see
All who do their best to listen and be kind
But we’re just so damned mad that we even made this sign.

Dump the Trump, dump dump the Trump

We’re sittin’ at the crossroads, meetin’ at the junction,
Then you get elected by electoral dysfunction
Tinkle tinkle little Czar, Putin put you where you are
You lost by 3 million, but you think you won
You don’t know that girls just want to have fun–
damental rights, not be rated from one to ten,
So we’re rising up and singing songs, then singin’ them again

You shall overcomb, but We shall overcome…

Climate change is real, how can we make you see
That we better pay attention, there is no PLANet B?
Take out the mock in De-mo-cra-cy
that’s what  you should be givin’ to me
So listen up and stop your tweets, or tweet me with respect
From the leader of this land, it’s the least that we expect.
We’re turning up the heat, put that on your tweet.
We’re gonna keep on marchin’ on our 8 million feet.

We need a leader, not a creepy tweeter.

If you’re elected President, your job is to represent,
To respect this institution, you got to read the Constitution
It’s of the people, by the people, for the people, true?
All the people, not just the ones who voted for you.

So listen up good, pay attention. Mr. T.
You gotta deal with all of us, people like me!
I’m a big bad music teacher and I’m ready to talk
Get out of your Trump Tower and let’s go for a walk.
Let’s go to every corner of this here nation
Listen to the people and get an education
Gotta talk to the workers, the women and the gays,
All the colors of the rainbow and not just the greys,
From the Statue of Liberty to the good ole Golden Gate
People in the land are getting’ tired of hate.
There are no easy answers, it’s a monumental task,
Want to know what's goin' down? All you gotta do is ask.

Yes, the slumbering giant is startin’ to stir,
Out marchin’ in the streets, sayin’ I’m with her.
And she's with him and he's with they, 
U.S. means us! We're gonna make it that way.

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