Tuesday, March 27, 2018

To Thicken the Plot

“Why is there evil in the universe?” a disciple asked Ramakrishna.

“To thicken the plot.”

I started to list my outrage over the reaction to these soulful, truthful Parkland kids, but I felt dirtied just writing about the ugly words heaped by adults on these tender, brave, grieving young people. It’s not bad enough that these Republican politicians, supporters and apologists share the name “American” with people like these kids. I’m ashamed to be in the same species as them.

Ramakrishna, your answer was clever and intriguing, but I don’t have enough bandwidth left to be able to withstand more plot thickening. Of course, there was Hitler and his gang, but at least Germany was suffering the aftermath of a terrible war and desperate for some kind of salvation, no matter how evil or delusional. But these Repugnantcans with big houses, three cars, job security, every privilege a white Christian man has stolen from the rest of the world, what’s their excuse for being so damn mean? For attacking kids who have just suffered great trauma and are feeling great grief and are using their intelligence to try to stop the epidemic of violence. I simply can’t imagine a single justification.

I don’t accept any notions of heaven with harps and hell with hellfire, but it’s tempting to become a believer if only to feel that there will be some justice when each and every one of these awful people will enter the room awaiting them in Hell’s Hall of Shame. That this thought gives me comfort just shows how far we have fallen from grace.

I really need to stop looking on Facebook. It doesn’t make such evil go away, but it stops distracting me from my work for Redemption. Instead of going down that rabbit hole, I’m choosing to listen to Brad Mehldau’s new album, After Bach. I’m listening right now to the last song; “Prayer for Healing.” Yep, that’s better.

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