Monday, September 23, 2019

Topsy Turvy

Consider what kind of person fits these descriptions:

1. Uncaring: Callous and showing a lack of empathy; coldheartedness
2.  Shallow emotions: No shame, guilt or embarrassment.
3. Irresponsibility:Always blaming others for problems
4. Insincere speech: From glibness and superficial charm to outright pathological lying, devaluing speech by inflating it toward selfish ends. Conning others for personal profit.
5. Overconfidence: A grandiose sense of self worth.
6. Selfishness: A pathological egocentricity.

According to Dr. William Hirstein, these are the traits of a deeply-disturbed person known as a psychopath. It’s the profile of a Mafia hit-man, a serial killer, a wolf of Wall Street and beyond. The place for such a person in the old days would be a lunatic asylum. Today it would be intensive care in a therapeutic ward. 

The first comment on our extraordinary times is that we have put such a person in the White House.

The second one is that three years later, he is still there.

Let the men in the white coats come! And hurry!

PS A few hours after writing this, the news reported Trump's statement "I deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for lots of things." (See 5 and 6 above). In fact, a good (but simple ) challenge to give one (or one thousand) examples for each above. 

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