Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Report

It’s 3:35 on Friday afternoon and I’m sitting alone in my music room, my second home of 45 years. Every piece of wood, metal, fabric, in the room is charged with the spirit of the endless parade of children who have danced through here on their way to adulthood. The happy ghosts of all the adults who have music-workshopped here are lingering in the air. The countless miracles witnessed here are still echoing and rippling out, including the nice moments from some kids in today’s classes. 

I’m in the “the next thing” mode, not exactly just “getting through,” but a sense of building toward the Halloween celebration, them Bam!, step up the Orff Conference rehearsals and intersecting with that is the December Holiday play. Always on top of normal classes, dealing with my work life outside the school, leaving time to go see Gypsy Jazz (last night! Fabulous!) and contemporary piano music (tonight!— after playing soon at The Jewish Home). 

Nothing earthshaking to report, no big lesson for humanity that’s on my lecture schedule, no grand poetic sweep gathering up a beautiful moment—just a moment to pause, take a single breath and move on into the weekend, blessedly free from commitments. 

Oh, I did clean my closet yesterday! And serendipitously, discovered a used-clothing drive at school that just started today. A nostalgic farewell to all my old clothes that warmed my body during the thick and thin of it all. May someone find them useful. 

Happy weekend, everyone!

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