Friday, November 29, 2019

Heater Wars

It is seriously cold in San Francisco! For us, that means in the 40’s, which folks in sub-arctic temperatures will laugh at. But keep in mind that our houses—or at least my house—is not well-prepared for cold temperatures. This one heater (see above)  heats our whole house and there’s usually about 5 days a year when it’s chugging all it’s might and barely keeping our noses warm. Of course, we’re in a habit of shutting it off at night, so the drama begins anew the next day and technically, we don’t have to do that. Like I said, it’s a habit. 

But during these cold snaps, there is a little passive-aggressive war going on between my wife and I. I turn it on and an hour or two later, I find it turned off. Or I turn it on full-blast and mysteriously, it has been moved down to the low heat position. Makes me wonder if any couples-therapy groups have thoroughly discussed the role of different temperature tolerances in their compatibility studies. Relationship is all about compromise, but when it comes to freezing my butt off, I’m not feeling generous in the negotiations. Just sayin’.

I could discuss this more here, but I have to go check the heater. 

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