Sunday, January 26, 2020

Catching Up

My 6thworkshop in three weeks (on top of teaching at school) and such a pleasure to work with 25 lovely souls in Sacramento. The two founders of that Orff Chapter were teachers I trained and I both encouraged them to create that chapter and gave the first workshop for it in 1992. Both of them came to yesterday’s workshop and wasn’t that satisfying to feel us still working side-by-side to carry this forward some 28 years later! And equally great to feel the energy and enthusiasm of the vibrant young new Board members and the excitement from some participants in the workshop who were having their first initiation into this marvelous world. I equally love opening the door and inviting people in to radically change their life and walking through the rooms with the veterans pointing out some details I might have noticed that they might have missed. (And them back to me as well.)

But while I’m out there working so hard and having so much fun doing precisely the things I seem to have been born to do, life’s little details start piling up— from the laundry to the answering of e-mails to the preparing for my 4 week  mid-year “Summer Vacation” as I once again go to spend part of February in Singapore, a land of welcome warm weather, clean streets, safe malls, good food and pleasantries abounding. Though I don’t wholly endorse the political price of it all, still wouldn’t anyone find this refreshing? I have the added perk of three days free in San Francisco before the 17-hour flight, so a bit of leisure to prepare well and maybe even ride my bike again after weeks of no exercise. 

But first, much housekeeping still to do. Finish 4thgrade report forms, meet with my colleagues about our book project and the summer Orff course, start to gather information for filing taxes, check on using my phone abroad, mail books to Hong Kong (along with Singapore, workshops in Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok) and so on. (Dear reader, I know you couldn’t be possibly interested in these details, I’m just trying to help myself remember here!)

Yesterday's workshop ended with yet another soul-stirring rendition of "We Shall Overcome"
and from that height, down to overcoming the list of small things to be done. More manageable and more easily done! On to the laundry.

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