Saturday, January 11, 2020

People Are Not Their Governments

Back in the Bush years, I was ashamed to travel around the world as an American. And yet I quickly discovered that people are not their governments, as no one I met held me accountable for the sorry politics of my country and I didn’t hold them accountable for theirs. Instead, I told the stories of the resistance within our country, things they might not hear on the mainstream news. And went on with my work of creating connection, mutual understanding, shared experience between people from all places. 

And here I am again, representing a nation that seemed to think it was perfectly fine to elect a psychologically deluded narcissistic psychopath who daily astounds us with his words and actions. But again, the people to people connection with the folks we’re supposed to hate and those who live in “shithole countries” remains unbroken. From both sides. 

Next Fall, I will be working with Iranian music teachers in Armenia and after Trump’s recent murder of an Iranian general, this is what they wrote to me:

Dear Mr. Goodkin,

Merry Christmas and wish you a great year full of happiness, joy, health, wealth, success and peace. Regards to our programs and our plans we want to let you know that the conference will be held. we are sincerely waiting for your coming and we want to assure that the problems between Iran and America can’t stop us from growing and moving forward Because we want peace for all the nations around the world and it is our job to prepare our children for better and peaceful future and teach them that humanity is the most important part of this world and war with other nations only brings sorrow and sadness.

That’s the news the Fox News—and even CNN—will never report. Spread the word. 

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