Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Christmas in May

'Twas the month before summer (not the night before Yule),
Not a creature was stirring in the office or school.
The children were nestled at home in their beds,
While the next online lesson danced in their heads. 
Mama at her laptop, Papa with his mask,
“What do we need from the store?” he did ask.
“I’ll be waiting in line for at least one whole hour,
I hope that they’ll have some TP and some flour!”

Around the whole world, in far distant lands,
The people, like us, were all washing their hands.
They sang out their windows, stayed distant, six feet,
Grew some more vegetables and ate less meat.
For the first time ever the whole human race,
Was staying at home, all sheltered in place. 

The numbers were staggering, the news, oh so sad,
While certain blind leaders said, “It’s not so bad.
We’ve got to keep buying, keep shopping for stuff,
Get things we don’t need, it’s never enough. 
Health is okay, but money counts more.
Don’t listen to experts, let’s open the stores.”
While doctors worked hard to enlighten and teach,
This big buffoon said, “Let them drink bleach!”
His supporters they rallied, cried out “It’s not fair, but
Nothing can stop us from getting a haircut!!”

Now back at my home, while planning my class,
I heard someone walking outside on the grass.
Then up on the roof, there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my screen to see what was the matter. 
Down the chimney he came, a right jolly old elf,
And began taking things that were up on the shelf. 
The one who used to leave gifts ‘neath the tree,
Was now taking my things away, one, two and three. 
He gathered the clothes that I really didn’t need
And the wasted distractions I'd bought in my greed.
And then did the same with the neighbor next door,
And next door to that and then more and more.
He filled up his bag, he spun and he twirled
As he began to take things we don’t need in this world.

Away with the logging that’s killing the trees!
Away with the plastic that’s choking the seas!
Away with the malls that rob land from the bees!
Away with the loans and exorbitant fees!
Away with all gas-guzzling SUV’s!
Away with the smoke that is choking the air!
Away with the folks hoarding more than their share!
Away with injustice, away with the lies!
Away with the fast food in its super-size!

And so it began, and it spread through the nation.
The gradual dawn of a great revelation. 
We cannot be waiting for any one leader,
Messiah or ruler or income tax cheater.
We cannot depend on a jolly old elf,
To make the new world, we must do it ourself!
No more excuses, no duties to shirk,
The children are waiting, let’s all get to work!

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