Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Bees in the Hebes

Every once in a while, I actually make a good decision. Like today. I was resigned to a long rainy indoor day of taking care of business and dueling with Bach, but the weather predictors forgot to give the memo to the weather gods and by 10:00 am, skies were blues and the sun was shining bright. So I actually walked out the door. On to my bike, out to the ocean and sat watching some bees swarming around the purple flowers of a hebes bush. And then this arose, with several drafts on the ride home:. Read it out loud, please.

The bees in the hebes,
The hebes and bees,
Gleefully gliding
‘Midst blossoms and leaves,
In the billowy breeze. 
Which pleases the bees. 

Busily buzzing,
Dizzily diving
Frantically fussing
Joyfully jiving
Wavily winging
And Springily singing.

The bees in the hebes.
The hebes and bees.

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