Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Dog Bites Man

The epidemic of extraordinary stupidity highlighted by the media continues. Just today alone, after the anti-vax school head had the spotlight, there was Lindsey Graham claiming that there is no racism in the United States. Then Tucker Carlson likening making kids wear masks in public to beating them in a supermarket. Then some School Board member complaining she was Rosa Parks being pushed to back of the bus for not wearing a mask. It seems that “Man Bites Dog” is the criteria to make it on national news these days. 


May I suggest a strategy for a more fair and balanced (and certainly, uplifting!) reading of our national intelligence? For each minute one of these dolts displays their certifiably crazy ranting for other idiots to grab on to as truth, there is an equal amount of time spent broadcasting a smart and  caring person saying something intelligent and thoughtful. For example, I’d recommend any one of my daughter’s 5th graders, whose level of critical thought and heartfelt compassion is light years ahead of Tucker, Lindsey and a way-too-long list of people swinging their baseball bat of insane drivel at the knees of our collective thought and discourse. 


Let’s at least return the news to “dog bites man” and then show the pit bull dragging away Tucker as he foams at the mouth (Tucker, that is) with his rabid vitriol. That would help.

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