Saturday, August 28, 2021

Short Memories

A P.S. to “It’s time to go” and the most important reason— I’m out of McCann’s oatmeal, difficult enough to find in San Francisco and impossible here in Northern Michigan. And after trying two different brands of oatmilk, none came close to Califia! 


Happy to report that our last full day was lovely. The kids held it together, they rode in the canoe with their Mom and Mima to the outlet (where the back lake meets the front lake) while I followed swimming, then I canoed them back while their Mom swam back. A fun game of Monopoly when the storm started, a lovely dinner out and walk to the Frankfort lighthouse, popcorn and movie back home and this morning, after a night of intense, intense, thunderstorms, snuggling in bed telling each other our dreams. 


As I always tell young teachers, the good news is that kids have short memories and they mostly will not hold your horrible class against you when they show up again in the next class. They live enough in the now that the then doesn’t cling as ferociously to them as it does to us. And they are generally forgiving. So in the spirit of a good ending to music that started to go sour, I feel wholly redeemed after our recent conflicts and so do they. 


But still I’m happy for the upcoming alone time. 


And so are they.

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