Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Twilight Zone

Only people of my generation— and their numbers are dwindling—will get that title reference and start singing the theme music. But for those who missed out, it was a TV series about the mysterious, inexplicable, far-fetched stories ranging from Martians landing to someone suddenly able to read everyone’s thoughts. Whenever something out of the ordinary happened, my friends and I would start singing "Dee-dee-dee-dee, dee-dee-dee-dee." 


And so when I returned from my long bike ride yesterday and reached for my glasses in their case in my front pocket, they weren’t there. I searched the house for all the places I might have set them down, knowing that I had just used them reading at the beach before setting off on the bike ride. Nowhere. They simply had disappeared. Dee-dee-dee-dee, dee-dee-dee-dee. 


To make it yet stranger, I had a similar experience the summer before, when I returned from a bike ride with both glasses and case gone from my front pocket. Bike riding is a pretty vertical activity (at least on my bike) and it made no sense whatsoever that they could have fallen out of my pocket. But just for my idea of fun, I drove my route in the car with granddaughter Zadie and had her looking for them at the side of the road. And lo and behold, after a few miles, there they were!!! Astounding! Dee dee dee dee. Of course, they were broken, but it still set my mind at ease that they hadn’t simply vanished into the Twilight Zone.


So Zadie and I got in the car yesterday to look for this missing pair and……………


We didn’t find them. And they still haven’t shown up in the house. Just gone. Vanished. 


Perhaps we’ll be shopping in town someday and pass someone wearing them. 


Or not. 


Dee dee dee dee…


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