Tuesday, December 14, 2021

White Christmas Revisited

(A parody I wrote in 2018. Sing it out loud. And given a choice—and we all do have that choice— live the second verse instead of the first.)


1) I’m dreaming of my White Privilege, just like the one I used to know.

Where the whites were winners, were served their dinners,

By folks they never cared to know. 


I’m trying to save my white Privilege, with every crooked vote I cast.

May our wrong way of living long last, 

May we keep the present like the past. 



2) I’m tired of my white privilege, I never earned it anyway

All the rights I’ve been given, by those who were driven,

To keep all the different folks away.


I’m tired of my white privilege, it’s time to finally do what’s right

Let the rainbow colors shine bright, 

And may all glow together as one light. 

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