Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Sounds like a radio station, but actually ths ar th lttrs that oftn on’t work on my computer kyboard. For a long time, it as just W and Q an thn, sunly, (ystrday, to be exact) the D and E started giving me trouble (as you can see in some of the words above). 


Months back, when “w” was the most problematic, I went to the Apple Store, came home and wrote this (never posted): 


“How I wished for the wherewithal to weather the storm of my washed-out w on the computer. But of course, as soon as I drove across town to my appointment to fix it, it worked perfectly. I mean without a single moment of failing to deliver the wwwwwww and also the qqqqqqqqqq and I could only think: 'Why? How? When did it fix itself? Will it continue back home?' "


It did briefly and then went back to its unreliable self. And now these two new letters added to the mix. If it was X or Z, I could live with it, but W is pretty front and center in the English language and in the spirit of “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone,” I'm discovering that D and E are pretty dang important also. What to do?


I have a choice of:

    1) Get a new computer

    2) Replace the keyboard

    3) Use an external keyboard

    4) Learn how to express myself using all the words that don’t have these four letters.

    5) Stop writing


My first-world problem du jour.  

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